Suman Mukherjee

Managing Partner

With a background of designing and photography, Suman Mukherjee, also the backbone and support system of Mixed Bag, is experienced to create any ordinary looking decor into luxurious,spacious yet functional with his creativity and love for the work.He is also trained in professional softwares like Maya and AutoCAD which helps him to display his ideas to the client easily.Other than designing, coordinating with the team of workers and major decisions during the work process are taken by him.


Tithi Mukherjee

Managing Partner

Tithi Mukherjee has acquired knowledge and understanding of one of the most luxurious and modern interior designing ideas from her various visits to European countries which she keeps on implementing on every project. Apart from that,vital matters relating to quotation, billing, time & project management and initial layout in AutoCAD is taken care by her.